Nigeria: Do Not Ban Okada, Lagosians Tell Fashola

| February 27, 2012

TIJANI Salako, an estate surveyor and skill representative on Palm Avenue, Mushin, Lagos, is one of a many people who see a pierce to anathema a operations of blurb motorcyclists, popularly famous as okada, in a state as wrong and counter-productive.

‘Banning okada business in Lagos is a critical issue,’ he told The Moment On Sunday. ‘I’m wakeful of Governor Babatunde Fashola’s skeleton to put a railways behind on lane and open adult H2O travel as good constructing and repair roads as palliatives before a ban.

My fear, however, is that a new routes will not catch a hundreds of thousands of okada riders in a state.

‘In a commencement it was a Igbo people who had stayed prolonged in Lagos, mostly those who had mislaid their businesses to a state legislature on Yaba and Agege railway lines, that started roving okada. Later, Yoruba, Efik and other southern states’ citizens, as many as were impoverished and those who mislaid their jobs assimilated a business.

‘But for a prolonged time now, a new set of riders flush from a core North, who conjunction pronounce nor know English; there are Chadians, Togolese and even Sudanese among them; they don’t even know a routes so passengers have to approach them.

They are now everywhere in Lagos, on a Island, and on a mainland and a suburbs. Those boys are a problem we foresee; if a anathema takes outcome and they unexpected turn jobless they will turn dangerous.

They can't lapse behind to a North given there was zero there for them to do in a initial place and Lagos State Government can't leave them from a state. They will steal; they will kill and censor to survive. Can Fashola’s supervision diminish them? That is a thing to cruise before we cruise a sum ban.’

Sylvester Agwu, from Imo State, says okada is a usually fast business he has finished for many years. His words: ‘I don’t know what they wish typical people like us to do again to survive. we was offered leather works during railway line, Yaba, when supervision people seized a things and gathering us away.

I started to lift income again by offered Gala and other things in a trade though they raided us all a time and some of us were sent to Ikoyi Prison given we didn’t have income to give to police. Because of that we went home and lifted income to buy okada in 2007.

‘Despite all a wahala, it is still improved than not doing anything during all; we compensate for my room and support dual of my brothers in propagandize given we don’t wish them to humour what we have been pang in Lagos given 9 years that we came here.

Now Lagos State Government wants to anathema okada! If supervision bans okada, what are they providing for us to do so that we can live peacefully in a possess country? Abi, after we opinion for them, they don’t caring about us again and they only wish to throw us like that?

‘I beg, tell

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