Feebleness during a UN, Extremism in Nigeria

| February 20, 2012


The U.N. General Assembly has, by a opinion of 137-12 (with 17 abstentions), cursed Bashar al-Assad and his relentless murdering of a Syrian antithesis that has left on for scarcely a year. The news was on page 12 of The New York Times that tells we only how poignant a paper’s editors suspicion a fortitude to be. The means reporter, Rick Gladstone, told us only about all we would wish to know. But there was a event between a essay itself, revelation us that a total “signified a low annoy and disappointment during a United Nations over a inability to hindrance a dispute that has left thousands of Syrians dead,” and a sub-head that sensitive that there was “chastisement though no muscle…” So what else is new? Do we need to go over a dozens of locales where regimes have orderly a murder of thousands and hundreds of thousands of their inhabitants though a U.N. doing a thing though emanate a negotiated fortitude though solve and though force? By a way, we spoke with a crony who had been in a G.A. gymnasium during a record and he said, “There was no fury, only business as usual.”

A Times photo concomitant a essay cinema dual elegant-looking women representing a self-existent state of Palestine—yes, it also has a place during a General Assembly—and we wondered what they were meditative about Syria, their many indifferent ally, and a slaying of so many of their associate Arabs.

The Obama administration came into bureau pledging to revivify—revivify from what?— a dignified and domestic station of a United Nations. This, too, is one of a good self-deceptions of a boss and his crowd, in this sold throng Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton, who suspicion that somehow a president’s tranquilizing difference and theirs would move probity and reason to Russia, to China, to African tyrants and, their biggest bet, to a intersecting orbits of Arab states and Islamofascist mullahs. 



I take zero divided from a boss and his care in a struggle—and, yes, it has been a struggle—against Al Qaeda. The much-deserved murdering of Osama bin Laden (and a throwing him into a sea, as well, to accommodate a creatures of a deep) disrupted many of a routines of a Muslim subterraneous which, however, is still upheld by many Muslim charities aboveground. But Al Qaeda is not a monocratic organization. It has many smarts and works by many hands. Al Qaeda in Syria or Iraq has zero to do with Al Qaeda in Nigeria, although, as we know from Umar Farouk Abdulmutallah’s nutsy career, a hands of apprehension widen from a Gulf of Guinea in East Africa to Yemen off a Gulf of Aden atop a Indian Ocean. 

In fact, Nigeria—with about 160 million people, roughly divided between Christians and Muslims—is substantially Al Qaeda’s many critical conflict zone, nonetheless there is no universe authority structure. Or, for that matter, executive treasury. The Nigerian branch, if that is what we can call it, is Boko Haram, that is more

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