By Robert Nisbet, Europe correspondent, in Athens | Sky News – 

The main challenger to the pro-bailout parties in Sunday’s Greek elections has promised to rip up the agreements with the country’s international creditors.

But Alexis Tsipras , leader of the radical left Syriza coalition, told a rally that he still wants Greece to remain in the euro.

The 37-year-old, whose political movement is running neck-and-neck with the conservative New Democracy party which supported the austerity memoranda, said both outcomes were possible.

Mr Tsipras told the rally in central Athens that the recent bank bailout in Spain showed that the EU is prepared to soften its approach to troubled countries.

“We will vote on Sunday with our eyes on the south, on Spain,” he said.

“Spain negotiated and succeeded in taking financial support without a fiscal consolidation package, despite the lenders’ threats and blackmail.

“The memorandum of bankruptcy will belong to the past on

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