By Sulaimon Alamutu


MEMBERS of the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN), Lagos State Area Unit, have reiterated their opposition to the over 700 per cent fee hike in the Lagos State University (LASU) by Governor Babatunde Fashola.


They described the increase as not only ridiculous but inhuman.

Reiterating the position of the society at the official commissioning of its Human Capital Development Centre (HCDC) in Noforija, Epe, the Amir (president) Alhaji Qasim Badrudeen, said that by the increase, Fashola had effectively taken tertiary education beyond the poor in Lagos State.


According to Badrudeen, parents earning N18,000 minimum wage in the state may not be able to send their wards to LASU because of the exorbitant fees.


‘How will parents earning N18,000 minimum wage be able to send their wards to LASU? We agree that government needs to improve the quality of education and infrastructure in the school but that should not be borne by the students,’ he said.


He said that LASU was an enduring legacy of the former State Governor, Alhaji Lateef Jakande, which thousands of Lagosians and non-Lagosians alike have been enjoying.


‘Governor Fashola should fear Allah on this issue! He will give account before Allah for every prospective student that could not attend LASU because of the exorbitant fees,’ he said.



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